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The best kept secret!

Recently the members of the community midwives association got together to show ourselves on a conference. It was great and everyone was very interested in our job. We found however, that only very few people knew that we even existed. That there is such a thing as a homebirth service in Ireland. We seem to be the best kept secret of the HSE. We find that very strange, as we offer great services, that fulfill the requirements outlined in the National maternity Strategy. We are woman centered, offer one-to-one care and have good postnatal follow up that can be provided up to day 14 after the baby is born. We have guidelines, procedures and protocols and we are very safe in what we do. Yet we are often seen as suspicious, crazy, different and from a special kind of breed.

We are all medical professionals with plenty of credentials, that we are required to have, to be able to offer these services. So here we are, asking everyone to make this secret common knowledge and enable more woman to become the center of their birth experience. Warmest wishes to all of you. Midwife Nanni

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