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Nina's story

Our journey with Nanni began very early in my pregnancy. I was ahnded her business card by someone I didn't know back then - I call that card my golden ticket! I hadn't lived that long in Dublin and had never been pregnant before. My husband and I were sure about planning a homebirth and that is what we did - BUT truly only due to the support of Nanni! She guided me and us, helped us where she could and shared all her knowledge helping us to create such a safe & trusting environment. The birth was AMAZING!!!! Nannis guidance and presence during the birth was exactly what I - we needed in order to welcome our daughter into this world. She trusted us and we trusted her. Towards the end Nannis helper Ciara came to support the final stage of the birth. She took some amazing photos that we will be forever grateful for to treasure such a special moment of welcoming our baby. Life is a continous journey and we will always look back and cherish our connection with Nanni - what is more special than birthing another human being! From our hearts to Yours Nina, Aaron & Amara

Karen's story

Nanni came to my rescue after my homebirth was compromised by a private midwife service. She provided an amazing service and was available 24/7 to answer any questions or put my mind at ease. She also provided wonderful alternative therapies that I was so grateful for and made the last few weeks so much more manageable - especially her tea.

As for the birth itself, Nanni was an amazing support and guidance and was as much a doula as a midwife. Her second, Ciara was equally fantastic during the dreaded transition! My pregnancy wasn't particularly easy but thanks to Nanni's beautifully empathic approach to maternal care, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It's very apparent that Nanni has a passion for homebirth and bettering maternal services in Ireland. She genuinely cares about woman and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone considering a homebirth. Thank you Nanni! 

Testimonials from Karina

What can I say about Nanni? She is absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She made my pregnancy, birth and post pregnancy experience so enjoyable. She was our rock of sense, support, knowledge and guidance and I really don't know how we could have coped without her. Whether you want a home birth or not, I still recommend having Nanni there to ease you through the process. Having her come to our home pre birth allowed us avoid having to go into hospital and she completelyprepared us for what was to come. As this was my first pregnancy, I was quite nervous and she was such a support. In the end we had to go into hospital to give birth and having Nanni there made what was a bit of a complicated delivery so comfortable. Just having her support and guidance made me feel at ease throughout the birth. I know it would have been a very distressing experience without her. She is so competent and her reliable guidance made me feel secure and safe, even when things got a bit complicated. Also the benefit of having someone you know and trust there is invaluable. 
But honestly the best bit was having her there after Claudia was born. This is a tricky time and it was incredible to have her there every day to help me get the hang of breast feeding, answer all my questions and put me at ease. She gave me such confidence and support that now, at ten days, the breast feeding is going amazingly well and we have a happy healthy and content daughter and I'm feeling great too! She is so passionate about her work and it really comes across. You would be very lucky to have Nanni as your midwife!! x Karina

Jen's review

Life saver. Angel. Godsend. Honest. Straight forward. Kind. And all with a wealth of evidence based treatment options presented in a balanced way. Nanni, more than anyone, recognizes the importance of patient centered care, and consent. She also answers the questions you're too mortified to ask anyone else and does so in a way that makes you feel like it's all totally normal. 

Kathryns review

How can I put into words the gratitude I have fir the midwife who delivered my 10lb 2oz baby girl safely and gently in my own sitting room. Nanni is personable, professional, knowledgeable, gentle and yet assertive. She guided me and cared for me from first visit to last. 

My post natal recovery borth physically and emotionally was credit to Nanni's care. We will forever be indebted to her. You will be in the absolute best hands.

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