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midwifery-led care


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If you suffer from any of the problems listed below or you want to prepare for birth, I offer home visits for your acupuncture. Just get in touch with your needs and we can discuss what kind of treatment you would require. I highly recommend acupuncture as a meassure of antenatal preparation. Why don"t you combine it with a set of antenatal classes? Get in touch.

My treatments include

Hyperemesis gravidarum


Emotional instability

Moxabustion for breech presentation

Antenatal birth preparation

Engourged and painful breasts

Problems with lactation

Beginning mastitis

Aches and pains




beginning Hypertension



All treatments can only help additionally and do not replace medical treatment if that is indicated!






My service includes 

 Full midwifery-led care for normal, low risk pregnancy

Advise on:  healthy nutrition in pregnancy and keeping active in pregnancy

 Emotional support 

 Postnatal Care

 Advise on carrying your baby  

 Newborn care 

 Breastfeeding support 

 Natural Vaginal Birth


Advise on Optimal Maternal-Fetal Postioning

Acupuncture and Homeopathy



If you are looking for a homebirth and you have a low risk pregnancy I will be able to offer you a full midwifery-led homebirth package. It includes all the services listed below and will be designed to your needs. Contact me with your dates and details to see if I am available for you.


 Information about pregnancy, labour and birth and the postnatal period including breatfeeding 

 Introduction to relaxation techniques

 Breathing and positioning excercises

 Lifestyle advise for a healthy pregnancy

Partner preparation

Education and practice on Hypnobirthing techniques to use antenatal and in labour


My antenatal classes are based on a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. I believe that a healthy lifestyle, good preparation and understanding of the process and a good connection with your body are key to having a baby. I have qualified as a Hypnobirthing trainer in 2017 and can offer to include this learning module into your antenatal classes if it is something you want to use. 

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