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Back with new plans

The summer is nearing to an end and I am back with great new plans for the rest of the year.  Besides a few homebirths I will attend a hypnobirthing teacher class at the end of this month,  to offer it to my clients as well as mothers booked for hospital birth.  I am already really excited to learn something new. Next we are planning to be at the Wear a hug Fair this year with our oils from, handmade baby clothes that I will only sell there as a treat and with our services like acupuncture and Ciaras newly earned breastfeeding consultant skills.  We are ultra exited and hoping we can arrange great things (and no birth happening the same day! ) Maybe the one or other lady will find us for a homebirth before we get to Christmas which I will be taking off after 4 years of working,  to attend my brothers wedding.  So lots of excitement coming my way.  I hope life is working for everyone else as well! Ladies enjoy the rest of the summer and maybe we will see each other soon. Do come to the fair for a look and a chat.  Xx Nanni 

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