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So I did it, the first year as an independent midwife is done and I delivered three babies at home. I supported another two but had to transfer them for a birth in the hospital for medical reasons (as a safe practitioner I follow the rules set out by the HSE in the MOU). It was wonderful and I am waiting on another two babies before I take some holidays after 6 !! months on call 24/7. After that I hope to find more clients that want to walk the hoembirth route with me. On top of all that Ciara and I opened our webshop by CiaNa and I am close to finishing my acupuncture training. Exciting times! I am interested wher things are going to go with the new planned maternity strategy that was set out for Ireland. Follow me on Facebook and watch this space to keep updated! Have a wonderful 2016 everyone.

Little George Bosco was the last baby of the year 2015 and almost a christmas baby who arrived spot on on the due date!

Congratualtions to mama Julika and dad Coleman again.

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